Anniversary trip to Williamsburg, VA

Austin and I just celebrated our one year anniversary!  I cannot believe how fast it has gone!  We were able to go away for two days to Williamsburg, VA.  It was a great trip, but it went way too fast.  We just arrived back home yesterday afternoon.

Our sweet little puppy traveled with us.

Williamsburg is only about an hour from where we live so the drive went fast.  We checked in to the hotel around 11:30.  We got Bella all settled in the room and we left to explore the town.  We found a cute little area called Merchants Square where we sat down to lunch at a café.

Afterwards we walked around to explore all the shops in the area.  The only thing we came away with was a dog biscuit that had been dipped in peanut butter for Bella, which she loved!

We also spent some time shopping at the outlets in Williamsburg.  The shops there were amazing!  I could have spent so much time there!  I found a great necklace from Banana Republic that was only $11.  It is beautiful!

Austin and I each got a pair of sunglasses for $10 each.  Then we hit American Eagle, one of Austin’s favorite stores.  He got three T-shirts for $8 each and I got one as well.  All in all in was a pretty successful shopping trip.

We had planned to go out to a nice dinner, which we did, but it wasn’t exactly what we had planned.  Austin and I are both pretty indecisive when it comes to places to eat.  We can drive around for an hour before we decided what we want.  We did just that while we were in Williamsburg.  We had wanted to go to a unique place there and somehow, after driving around for about 40 minutes, we ended up at Chili’s.  Dinner was great though and we really enjoyed having time together.

Sadly, the pool closed at 9 PM at the hotel we were staying at and we didn’t get back from dinner until just after 9.  Instead, we played fussball and shuffle board.  It ended up being a lot of fun and tiring.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Thursday wasn’t really an eventful day.  We only stayed in Williamsburg until noon so that Austin could go in to work for awhile.  Overall the trip was a lot of fun and I can’t want to go back to Williamsburg again!



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