Home Improvement

I found the most wonderful place in the world….Hobby Lobby!  I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before.  I found so many bargains in there clearance home section.  I found beautiful decorations for our bedroom for about $2.70 each.


Clearly I have a new love of old antique-looking keys.

Since we moved here a year ago, we have done limited decorating in our apartment.  It’s not that we meant to but we were taking our time to find the right things.  Somehow it is a year later and we still have yet to buy curtains.  About halfway through the year we didn’t think we would be staying after our lease ended so I stopped looking for curtains.  But we just signed on for another six months in our apartment and I decided it wasn’t worth waiting to do some home decorating.  We purchased a new bookshelf from Walmart to add a little something to our spare bedroom, turned office/ storage space room and I have been finding little odds and ends to add to our home as well.  We hung up two shelves from IKEA in our bedroom as well as a gorgeous shelf I found at a yard sale that I happen to adore.

We never painted in this apartment so all of the walls are white.  I don’t mind it too much right now, but I am very excited to paint the next time we move!


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