Week home

My husband and I just had a wonderful week with our family!  We went up to PA for my cousin’s wedding.  We had a great time seeing both my family and Austin’s.  Our sweet puppy was able to run and play outside, which she doesn’t get to do at our apartment complex.  My parents live right next to my aunt and uncle’s house and my grandma lives on the other side of them.  They have a big pond behind all of their houses, but Bella is apparently not that in to swimming.  She loved having the freedom to run and play outside though.  She also got to meet my mom’s dog and my sister’s dog.  They loved each other!

One of the best parts of the week was how much time I got to spend with my sister doing fun, girly things!  We got pedicures together, which happens to be one of my favorite things to do!  My foot is on the left and Katie’s is on the right.

We also got manicures with the bride and other bridesmaid (our 2 cousins).


We also got our hair done together the day of the wedding


We also got to visit Austin’s parents while they were camping for the fourth of July.  It was a perfect week to see our family!  I loved every second we got to spend with our family.


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