Hello Lovelies!  My name is Susie!  Welcome to The Sweeter Things Blog!  I am so excited to share the sweeter things in life with you! I am about to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary with the most wonderful husband, Austin.

This picture is from the day after we became engaged so it’s a little old but I love it!

We also recently added to our family;  we adopted an adorable Shepard mix named Bella.  She is a one-year old bundle of energy that we happen to adore.

I happen to have the most wonderful family!  I have the most wonderful parents that any girl could hope for!  I also have an older sister that I adore!  She has a couple of business that are so awesome!  She is a photographer- K.M. Robinson Photography, she also owns Top It Off, which is an absolute must-check-out for anyone with a love for crocheted items! She is also the owner of Bridal Bestie.  She is amazingly talented!

My husband is currently a car salesman aka he works a lot!  Which makes all the time we do spend together that much more wonderful.

I enjoy doing a lot of different things including baking, DIY crafts, decorating and looking at new ideas for our apartment, and of course shopping.  I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest, but let’s be honest, who isn’t?  I love to read and write!  I am so excited to share my life with you!  I hope you enjoy The Sweeter Things!


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